What is the TBU Job Centre portal?

We have developed a website that will facilitate direct communication between employers and students.

The career portal has been developed with the aim to streamline the flow of information and to facilitate communication in the labour market. The following groups are represented at the portal: students, graduates, education institutions, R&D institutions, employers and representatives of the business sphere. These may communicate either with all the other groups or within specific groups.

Benefits for companies and institutions.

  • easy way to find prospective employees (students in their final years of studies, graduates complying with specific requirements, etc.)
  • way of presenting the company by means of the magazine available on the portal (video, articles) - vacancies for TBU students (graduates) are advertised immediately
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Organizing company presentations and workshops

Do you want to hold a lecture or organize a workshop for TBU students?
We will arrange the venue, facilities and will promote the event.

Do you want to offer students internships in your company?
The length of the internship must be 80 hours/semester at a minimum and may take place in blocks. Please send us the internship offer details and we will make them available to relevant students, so that they can apply for the internship.

Do you want to promote a Trainee Programme, a competition or any other activity intended for students?
We can promote the event/activity by means of posters, leaflets or via Job Centre Facebook.