Services provided by TBU CC

Specialized consultants provide psychological, pedagogical and diagnostic services to all TBU students and employees and deal e.g. with the following issues:

  • Difficulties in adapting to new environment
  • Study problems, examination failures 
  • Difficulties in searching for job vacancies 
  • Communication problems 
  • Lack of self-confidence, inferiority complex 
  • Partnership problems 
  • Unplanned pregnancy 
  • Any handicap-related problems 
  • Strained relations with parents, fear of failure reg. parental expectations 
  • Violence and abuse by close persons, social abuse 
  • Dealing with demanding situations in life 
  • Various addiction types 
  • and many others

Should you need career counselling services please contact TBU Job Centre.

Should you have enquiries related to student affairs please contact the student affairs officer of the relevant faculty.