Individual career counselling

Individual career counselling includes activities that are orientated particularly towards searching and mediating appropriate jobs for self-motivated clients. It gives advice on how to write a CV, a cover letter, or helps in the process of choosing a job. We offer TBU students and graduates the following services: • Counselling in the sphere of career orientation • Counselling in the sphere of human resources • We help students and graduates to select an appropriate job. • Perfect listing of resources with job offers • Personal help with seeking suitable employers • Service for companies with specific requirements for graduates • Help with contacting possible employers and headhunting companies – preparation for a preliminary interview • The Job Centre specialist can also recommend diagnostic tests in adequate cases, which shall be carried out within the Counselling Centre. • Graduate internships, practical training and mediation of BT/MT supervision If you want to register with the Job Centre, please complete the registration form. We will contact you as soon as we receive the completed form.